Cyber Security

What is Cyber Security?

Due to evolving cyber security threats, an information system that was secure yesterday might be susceptible to a security breach today. It also only takes one intrusion to end a business. You need to be sure that your company’s data is as secure as its tangible assets on a consistent basis. How can you ensure total network security?

Cyber Security and Risk Management

The best approach to information security is a proactive one. It starts with a security risk assessment to determine where threats may appear in your network. After evaluation, security services, data and communication encryption and security awareness training for your employees should be considered.

At Portsmouth Computer Group, our team of cyber security specialists provide you with a no-cost, risk-free cyber security assessment and many other security services.

Role of a Cyber Security Specialist

At PCG, we offer a variety of risk assessment and threat management services for small businesses to protect them from the dangers of poor cyber security. Each of the following services has a different but equally significant impact on your overall security.

  • Security Risk Assessment – A security risk assessment allows you to get a big picture of the current state of your network. This assessment will help you determine the next steps that need to be taken to secure your network. You’ll also have a better understanding of which security services are a good fit.
  • Security as a Service – Managed security services add a human element to an otherwise digitally focused protection plan. Network security specialists address events as they occur and assist in getting your business back on its feet. As risks emerge, notifications are sent to both you and your security experts.
  • Email Security – Some of a business’ most private data is transferred each day via email. These communications should be encrypted from beginning to end. Additionally, the receiver should verify identity before accessing this data. Multi-factor authentication can also help enhance your email security.
  • Security Awareness Training – You can discourage employees from bringing about unwanted cyber security threats by offering training on how to spot them. This should include more than just written documentation. Employees should be trained directly by experts on the latest technology and threats.

Get Network Security Today

We are prepared to protect your business from potential security threats and help you spot potential risks with ease. Contact us at PCG today to schedule your no-cost, no-obligation security risk assessment.